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Reaching new heights by building a strong foundation

THE BRICKELL FINTECH GROUP is a leading company in research, innovation and development of both systems and technological services, to make traditional investment and management processes in financial markets more effective and efficient.

We are at the forefront of algorithmic systems technology through neural networks, big data and machine learning that positions us in the market as a leading company.

What Defines Us


We Build Expert Systems which remove emotions, eliminates memory limitations while applying Machine Learning techniques to data insights.


We have a talented team specialized in different areas of the science and the constant research to better improve the alpha of the fund.


We are always doing thorough research and validation of the market through data analysis, to always be able to offer the best strategies in order to minimize risks and maximize the returns for our trusted investors.


All of this has allowed us to develop strategies and algorithms in multiple financial markets which include and are currently operating in Stocks, Treasury Bonds, Futures, Options, ETF and Foreign Exchange Currency.

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